Thursday, February 16, 2017

Haunted #6 - Steve Ditko cover

Steve Ditko
Haunted v1 #6, 1972 - Darkly lit and heavily textured, Steve Ditko's cover features a man's obsession over a trunk-like funerary urn. Note its fine decorative details and its contrast with the figure's heavily defined shadows. The background seems almost overworked with its abundant cross-hatching. Although it displays no lack of effort, Ditko's cover is less interesting and less compelling than usual (feel free to disagree in the comments section). Other artists in this issue include Nicholas Alcasia and Wayne Howard. This is number 6 of 23 Haunted issues with Ditko art and/or covers (reprints not included). See today's posts or more Ditko or Haunted issues. See also this blog's Ditko checklist.
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Ditko cover pencils and inks = **
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